Your Second Home In The Duba's Heart:
Welcome in Marsa Diba Hotel, the contemporary and luxury design merges with the  hospitality in Marsa Diba Hotel brilliant and outstanding face.
Wake up now and be ready to take your coffee at Marsa Coffee shope.
Now the delicious plates are waiting you which prepared by the famous chefs.
Try and you will find our teamwork will make your amazing memories unforgettable.
The Rooms And Suites:
The rooms and suites enjoy contemporary modern design that mimics the wealth and values ​​of Arab culture has been Ttaghizalgerv
With full multi-media systems, TV / Wi-Fi high-speed.
lighting, air conditioners particularly controlled, all modern luxury and luxury now in your hands Marina Hotel.
Comfort rooms and suites:
- Flat TV provider Satellite.
- Conditioning units controlled personal.
- small Fridge .
- Save lockbox.
- Hair dryer
- Wi-Fi wireless high-speed.
- Koran and a prayer rug.
- Iron and holder of an iron.
The rooms and suites of different areas:
Room types
Single bed
Double bed
Junior Suite
Senior Suite
Royal Suite
Handicapped Room

Room Service:
We have a dedicated team of service and comfort you always, which offers a selection of several miscellaneous items often abbreviated to fit different tastes in record time and 24 hours.
Room Service:
 There smile introduction with a bouquet of roses loaded with fragrance of love that you find on the faces of our team is based on the service in the rooms during housekeeping, 24-hour service.

Laundry Service:

Marsa Diba Hotel laundry and dry cleaning throughout the day



Halls, Restaurants And Catering ( Memorable Place For  Time Never Forgot)
Al Yaqout Hall:
Al Yaqout Hall is one of the first halls for concerts and meetings in the town of Duba to distinguish its unique and charming style
Absolute and His Excellency combine it the splendor of the place and the quality of performance         
Al Yaqout Hall is one of the first halls for concerts and meetings in the town of Duba to its unique excellence It is a charming style of absolute luxury and combine it the splendor of the place and the quality of perform
The latest display devices and the use of digital technology can accommodate the room to accommodate the 150 people who wants to:
Workshop - Business meeting - Celebrations
They are also designed to suit the needs of families and the Saudi elite of society who are looking for excellence as being intended 
digital projector, DVD player, conferencing platform, microphone
 Headphones, cable modem, stage lights, billboards white writing, plates and paper and pens

Al Fayrouz Hall:
Al Fayrouz Hall accommodate 250 people as it is designed to authentic oriental heritage, which reflects the Arab style and creativity harmonious
 With high taste of menus selected and stomach at the hands of chefs and most professional in the world of food and service Hotel distinctive to enjoy the hospitality and hosting     
Al Fayrouz Hall also characterized by providing a diverse and unique combination of lists of Arab and international food progressing distinctive concierge service, it has supplied the hall The latest technological audiovisual                                                                              

Business Center:
Working throughout the day to provide printing services and send faxes and telegrams special guests and provide online services 24 hours

 Health Club:
Health Club Marsa Diba Hotel is equipped with the latest global American agencies, which help you to renew your daily activity
At the hands of skilled trainers who specialize in training with us as you enjoy the steam, sauna and jacuzzi  And relaxing ambiance in Moroccan bath and massage, swimming, sports stadiums

Spend a fun time at the swimming Marsa Diba Hotel's swimming where the scenic style enjoy by food and concerts Grilling  
Authentic Arab sessions in Arabic enchanting authentic atmosphere will take you further than you can imagine
To accommodate up to 1000 people 
 Watch your favorite games with your coffee in fresh air
For your kids spend the most enjoyable times through the stadium

The Tourism And Transportation Service :
Marsa Diba Hotel provides the means to move all kinds of reception and departure to and from the airports of Tabuk, face and seaport Duba 
Do not miss the question about our special offers at the Department of Tourism 
Discovered the treasures of the Red Sea with us through the eyes of Mguena 
Explore with us the magic of nature and the desert mountainous from the heart of the resort Disi
The Parking:
Marsa Diba Hotel offers parking to accommodate up to 100 cars provider and cameras to monitor throughout the day